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USED Vulcanzed Rubber Drysuits for sale. We buy too!

  • Looking to Buying and selling rubber drysuits - all conditions and sizes
  • We sell and buy Viking, Nokia, Hunter, Gates, Northern Diver, Avon, and Amron drysuits.

  • Get that rubber drysuit out of the garage and ship it to us!
  • We repair drysuits - install new seals and valves, replace bad zippers, and patch leaks

  • Buying and selling Viking, Nokia, Hunter, Gates, Northern Diver, Avon, Amron and other vulcanized rubber drysuits.

    "When we re-cycle vulcanized rubber drysuit, everyone benefits. Thank You in advance!" John, Owner, DDS of Seattle, the Drysuit Specialists

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Gates rubber drysuit for sale - we buy and service vulcanized rubber drysuitsv Viking drysuits - we buy and sell

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