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Commercial Dive Gear - Diving Helmets and Hats, Band Mask, Communication equipment, Kirby Morgan gear, We Buy Your Gear!

  • USED Gorski SS Commercial Dive Helmet

      Recent Arrival - Call for best price

      We Ship World Wide!

      Buying Commercial Hats and other gear, Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

  •   gorski.commercial.helmet
    Always Buying!

  • USED 12 bolt Diving Helmet, $2,199

    • Super nice collectable Diving Helmet
    • The price keeps going up on these beautiful hats - a good investment!
    • Aquired from an retired commercial diver

    • Due to uniqueness, hard hats / Diving Helmets are non-returnable - Hurry, won't be around long at this price. Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 
      dive.helmet.220back dive.helmet.300port

  • dive.helmet.starboard
    Always Buying!

  • USED Kirby Morgan SuperLite 27 Dive Hat!

    • Rebuilt about a year and a half ago
    • A Working man's hat
    • Includes Two Wire Coms

    • Call for Best Price

      We BUY your unneeded gear

      Buying Hats and other gear, Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

  •   kirby.morgan.superlite.27
    Always Buying!

  • USED Kirby Morgan KMB 18 Band Mask - Serial # 8452

    • Recently Serviced and Rebuilt by an authorized Kirby Morgan Delaer / Service Center
    • Hasn't been used since Annual Service and Certification including $1200 of new parts
    • Annual Service included: new Hood with Locknuts, new Communications Set, new One Way Valve Assembly and many more new parts!
    • Complete list of new parts available, call 206-298-6998 for details.

    • Includes 2 wire KM / DSI coms
    • Includes rear hard shell
    • A working man's hat
    • Breathes Great!

    • Why buy a new one?

      We BUY your unneeded gear

      Buying Hats and other gear, Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

  •   kirby.morgan.18
    Always Buying!

  • USED Kirby Morgan EXO Band mask w/Coms $899.95

    • Excellent plus condition.
    • Includes 2 wire KM / DSI Comms
    • Breaths great!
    • This is a clean FFM.
    • Fantastic for Scuba and Commercial work.
    • Fast Shipping!

      Uses standard regulator hose

      Get a great deal on this cherry Full Face Mask:  Why over Pay for a new one? Only $899.95

      Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today.
  • kirbyh.morgan.exobr.skirt

    We Are Buying AGA's and other FFMs!
  • USED AGA Divator FFM with Comms

    • Super Nice Condition.
    • Tested and ready to dive.
    • AGA Rail system on right side allows easy attachment of lights and other accessories ($128 value)
    • Includes a Omni Swivel or Free LP AGA Hose with NPT adaptor.
    • Fast Shipping

      Save when you order an AGA rebuild parts from us!------ AGA Low Volume Visor - $44.95, AGA Major Maintenance Kit - $239.95, AGA Visor Frame - $27.95

      Get a great deal on this cherry Full Face Mask:  Why Pay Retail for a new one?

      Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today.

  • We Are Buying AGA's and other FFMs!
  • USED Kirby Morgan EXO 26

    • Recent Arrival

    • Nice Band Mask!

    • Kirby Morgan EXO masks are compatible with Scuba or Surface Supply Air

    • Ask about the extras - stock photo

      We BUY your unneeded Commercial and Sports gear.

      Awaiting pricing - Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today.

  • Could be yours!
    • USED "AGA" Divator Full Face Scuba Masks W/ Comms 2 Diver Package - $2999.95

        This is a fantastic value for a complete 2 diver Full Face Mask with Comm's package. $ave thousands over new!

      • Includes:

      • -(2) Positive Pressure Divator Full Face Masks -$1099.95ea
        -(2) OTS SSB-1001B Underwater communications transceivers -$599.95ea (2 Extra battery packs included)
        -(1) Watertight and foam padded King Pelican carrying case -$44.95
        -Package price $2999.95

      • AGA Divator Features:
        -Ear and Mic assemblies with push to talk installed
        -High air flow capacity and low breathing resistance increases the divers performance and endurance
        -Leakage is prevented by a double sealing on the exhalation valve and with a soft and flexible mask sealing
        -With a low dead space volume the air consumption and CO2 build-up is minimized
        -The full face mask can easily be drained from water with a purge button

      • SSB-1001B Features:
        -U.S. Navy Approved these units preform in the harshest diving environments
        -Voice Operated Transmitter (VOX) activates when you speak
        -Push-to-talk control (PTT) gives you the capabiltiy to start and stop conversations
        -Squelch for tuning the audio signal
        -Earphone volumes ensure you can hear your tender and buddy
        -Voice menu so the user can adjust the settings of the SSB-1001B underwater via the voice menu
        -Removable transducer
        -Heavy duty design

        This is a fantastic package of gear for a pair of divers who want to take the next step in underwater comfort and connectivity. Breath normally, have a huge field of vision, and be able to speak to each other! Both masks breath great and the SSB's power on but are otherwise untested.

      • Why over pay? Don't delay. Call 1-206-298-6998 or 1-877-728-2238 to place your order today!

    aga.2diver.divator aga.2diver.ssb.comm aga.2diver.ssb1 aga.2diver.ssb2 aga.2diver.pelican2 aga.2diver.pelican
    Order Now!

  • New Northern Diver Evolution 7 Hot Water Suits

  • Order Now!

  • USED Kirby Morgan KM-37SS Wanted

    • USED Northern Diver Thor Vulcanized Rubber Drysuit
      • 1600 HD Thor Chemical and biological permeation resistant vulcanized fabric make this sui the most durable on the market.
      • Metal toe and shank boots protect your feet

      • Quick-clean non-permeable material for contaminated or dirty water use
      • Commercial grade BDM big tooth zipper lasts for years!
      • Triple-welded, sealed for life, seams / Reinforced knees and crotch keeps this suit in the water while the others are in the garbage
      • Shoulders, waist, and lower legs feature heavy-duty reinforcement

      • Includes high-flow inlet and exhaust valves and suspenders

        These suits are literally the highest quality commercial grade drysuit around. Tough and reliable, you save money with a suit like this!
      • Northern Diver Thor - safe for the working diver

        Why pay over $2,000 for a new one? Call us and Save big a professionally serviced and tested drysuit ! Multiple sizes in stock - Let us fit you into a M, ML and L/XL - ask about our money back policy if you are not satisfied! They make a great gift - call for help with sizing and economical thermals and other accessories.

        Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-SCUBA-DV or email us at: discountdivers at gmail dot com

        We buy Thor and other vulcanized rubber Call 206-298-6998.

    Northern Diver Vulcanized Rubber Drysuit
    Stock photo.
  • USED Pillow and open Bottom Lift Bags for sale!

      Have various sizes new and used in stock

  • USED Used Kirby Morgan SuperLite 17B Dive Hat/Helmets bought and sold

    • SL 17B Helmets - all conditions
    • Will purchase your spare Yoke / Neck Dam assemblies and parts too
    • Top Dollar Paid!

    Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-ScubaDV for new arrivals.

    Email: DiscountDiversATgmailDOTcom with your questions

  • We Buy and Sell Internationally

    Order Now!
    USED Underwater Hydraulic Chainsaws Wanted!

    Order Now!

    Order Now!

  • New DUI Hot Water Suit Wanted!


  • Order Now!

    • USED Diving Helmets and Hats Wanted

      Looking to buy Dive Hats and Neck Ring / Dam Assemblys for Kirby Morgan dive Hats. Cash or Donation.

      We would love to find a new home for your equipment. We buy commercial and sport dive equipment - bring it by the dive shop or mail it using using these instructions:

      Click here see how to Sell your commercial dive gear - No Hassle, No Fuss

      Questions? Call 206-298-6998 - always buying scuba and commercial dive gear!

      All Ages, All Conditions!

    Order Now!
    • NEW Hookah Hoses
      • Made in USA
      • Various Manufacturers
      • Various lengths
      • Call for best pricing and photos. 1-877-728-2238

    Order Now!
    • USED Used Bare D6 Neoprene Drysuits

      • Transferable lifetime warranties on seams and workmanship
      • Tough neoprene
      • Various sizes ALWAYS A BARGAIN!
      • Call 206-298-6998

    Order Now!

  • USED Kirby Morgan SuperLite 37 Dive Hat

    • Wanted!
    • We buy the extras - parts, bags, tools
    • Cash Paid

      We BUY your unneeded gear

      Buying Hats and other gear, Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

    Always Buying!

    More Commercial Gear. . .

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