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Commercial Dive Gear - Diving Helmets and Hats, Band Mask, Communication equipment, Kirby Morgan gear, We Buy Your Gear!

  • USED Kirby Morgan 47 Dive Helmet

    • Air Train: The air train diffuses incoming breathing air/gas onto the face port/lens to defog and ventilate.
    • Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Shell: Light and highly impact resistant, and provides a heat/cold barrier as well as being an excellent electrical nonconductor.
    • Rapid Change Modular Communications Systems: Currently set up with wired communications ear and mic assembly however the module is easily removed from the helmet so repair or replacement of communications parts is quick and trouble free.
    • .

    • REX Regulator: Full adjustment balanced piston that exceeds all requirements of all government or other testing agencies. It has the best work-of-breathing performance when compared to ANY other commercial diving regulator.
    • Silicone Oral Nasal Mask: Made of a superior silicone material which is hypo-allergenic and has a longer work life than latex.

    • Save thousands with this cherry Kirby Morgan 47 dive helmet! Immaculate condition. Including many extras such as installed communications ear and mic assembly, two snoopy caps, Aqualung Titan bailout reg set with whip and PSI gauge, neck dam / neck ring assembly, and a padded hat bag. Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

    Always Buying!
  • Kirby.morgan.47.1 kirby.morgan.47.2 kirby.morgan.47.3

  • USED Kirby Morgan SS 77 REX Dive Helmet

    • Super Clean, Super nice ---- New arrival --- with Comms

    • REX Regulator

    • Save BIG with this clean Kirby Morgan 77 SS REX dive helmet! Sweet condition. Including extras Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

    Always Buying!
  • Kirby.morgan.77 SS

  • USED Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator w/ Comms - $999.99

    • Sensitive regulator adjustment knob, sturdy and easy to grab even wearing thick gloves
    • Improved visual field; visible light transfer of visor is 92%
    • Premium grade silicone rubber bellos-type skirt (30-45 mm, double that of a conventional mask)
    • Durable, scratch-resistant visor
    • Ocean Reef GSM underwater communications system installed

    • Why pay $1800+? Great price on this Predator FFM with Communications! Many extras included. Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

    Always Buying!
  • ocean.reef.neptune.predator ocean.reef.gsm ocean.reef.extras

  • USED Kirby Morgan 18 Bandmask - $1899.99

    • Easy breathing adjustable regulator (breathes well)
    • Communications with dual ear and mic assembly (functional, one ear speaker may need service / replaced)
    • Side block installed (functional)
    • Low pressure inflator hose, regulator hose, and bail out whip (passed inspections)
    • Spider head harness included!

    • Why pay $3800+? Get this KMB18 for a fraction of retail! Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

    Always Buying!
  • kirby.morgan.18.1 kirbymorgan.18.3 kirbymorgan.18.2

  • USED Commercial Umbilical - 300ft - $999.99

    • 3 Part Commercial Diving Umbilical with Airline, Comm Line, and Pneumo!

      $ave huge with this diving umbilical. Why pay $2400+? Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

  • commercial.umbilical.300ft
    Always Buying!

  • USED DeepSea DSL B-2 Commercial Diving Helmet with Comms - $old! Currently buying Hats..

    • Easy breathing diver adjustable Regulator
    • Counterweights are situated at various points to provide neutral buoyancy, maximize diver comfort, and reduce neck fatigue
    • Helmet has an upgraded Stainless Steel top mounted handle which can accommodate a camera and/or light
    • Fiberglass covers direct exhaust air to the rear of the helmet and protect the side block, valves, side block to demand regulator hose, and the demand regulator
    • Demand regulator connects to oral-nasal mask and is fitted with a nose clearing device activated by a knob on the window
    • Side block has fittings for surface air, bailout air, and an inflation whip
    • A steady stream of air flows to the window for defogging
    • 2 Pin Comm posts for easy communications attachments
    • Ear and mic assembly installed
    • Breathes OK. Looks fine. Comms reported to be working. Sold As-Is, no Returns or Refunds.

    • $ave huge with this rugged and durable DeepSea DSL B-2 Commercial Diving Helmet Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

  • deepsea.dsl.b2.fldeepsea.dsl.b2.nd
    Always Buying!

  • NEW Mustang Boat Crew Drysuit MSD585AS - $739.37
      Almost half off retail pricing!

    • Great for multiple purposes.
    • Lightweight, windproof, breathable fabric is designed to reduce heat stress and fatigue.
    • Convenience zipper for added comfort and relief.
    • Patented Closed Comfort System adjustable neck seal can be worn loose to provide comfort out of the water and can quickly be drawn tight to keep the water out.
    • Gauntlet accommodates most gloves and the closures prevent snagging.
    • Reflective tape on the upper and lower arms improves in and out of water visibility.
    • Extra long leg gusset zippers accommodate most boots.
    • Dry socks attached keep your feet warm, comfortable, safe and secure.

    • NEW with original packaging and tags!

      Email us at: DiscountDiversaGmailDotCom

      Call 206-298-6996 or 1-877-SCUBA-DV

    • Size chart

    • More Mustang Drysuits

  • New AGA Interspiro Divator FFM With Hose - Sold, buying and selling AGA and other FFM's

    The Interspiro line of diving Full-Face Masks (FFMs) are high quality masks and have been field proven by Government, Military, and Commercial & Public Safety Teams around the world. The FFMs are primarily used with SCUBA, but are often utilized with surface supplied gas as well as rebreathers. 
    • Soft double face seal to fit more faces comfortably
    • Nose block for easy equalization
    • Includes AGA specific hose
    • Low-profile visor with a great field of vision

    • We have spare parts kits and extra lenses for these great band masks - call 206-298-6998 for the details  


      Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv and speak with one of our experts today!

  • aga.ffm
    We Are Buying AGA's and other FFMs!

  • USED Commercial Diving Harnesses and Vests!

    • Northern Diver, Atlantic, & Willies Commercial Diving Harnesses and Vests.
    • Used Willies Harnesses, multiple sizes and configurations - $45 to $125
    • Used Northern Diver R Vest with Tool Pouch and Quick Ditch Weight Pockets - $279.99
    • New Atlantic Full Body Harness with Roller Buckles, Quick Ditch Weight Pockets, Clinch Tank Straps and Snap Shackle - $399.99

    • We also have a wide variety of Snap Shackles, Commercial Weight Belts and Weight Harnesses, Full Face Masks, Bailout Whips, Bailout Tanks, Bailout Regs, Mini PSI Gauges, Knives, Lights, Drysuits, Wetsuits, Hoods, Gloves, Fins, Weights, Shank, Rock, and Over Boots! Too many commercial items to list them all. Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

  • northern.diver.r.vestwillies.harnesses
    Always Buying!

  • USED Desco Jack Browne Free-Flow Commercial Dive Mask, $44995

    • Looks Great!
    • The "Jack Browne" Full Face Mask was designed for use by the U.S. Navy during World War II. After WWII it found acceptance in the commercial market on dives where surface supply air was necessary but heavy gear was not needed. The DESCO Full Face Mask still fills this need today in a dependable and cost effective manner. All the Full Face Masks share the same basic design. The mask has a rigid brass frame with a compression molded natural rubber face seal. This seal combined with the 5 point head harness creates a tight yet comfortable fit. The head harness is equipped with quick release buckles for easy removal.
    • Fast Shipping!

      Get a great deal on this Mask:  Only $449.95

      Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today.
  • desco_jack_browne
    We Are Buying AGA's and other FFMs!

  • USED Gorski SS Commercial Welding Shield and mounting hardware for sale

      Hat sold, Looking to Buy Yours. Welding Shield available

      We buy Gorski's! Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

  •   gorski.WELDING SHieLD.commercial.helmet
    Always Buying!

  • USED 12 bolt Diving Helmet, Call for best price!

    • Sold, looking to buy yours!
    • Super nice collectable Diving Helmet
    • The price keeps going up on these beautiful hats - a good investment!
    • Aquired from an retired commercial diver

    • Due to uniqueness, hard hats / Diving Helmets are non-returnable - Hurry, won't be around long. Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

  • dive.helmet.starboard
    Always Buying!

  • USED Kirby Morgan SuperLite 27 Dive Hat!

    • Rebuilt about a year and a half ago
    • A Working man's hat
    • Includes Two Wire Coms

    • Sold, looking to buy yours!

      We BUY your unneeded gear

      Buying Hats and other gear, Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

  •   kirby.morgan.superlite.27
    Always Buying!

  • USED Kirby Morgan KMB 18 Band Mask - Serial # 8452

    • Recently Serviced and Rebuilt by an authorized Kirby Morgan Delaer / Service Center
    • Hasn't been used since Annual Service and Certification including $1200 of new parts
    • Annual Service included: new Hood with Locknuts, new Communications Set, new One Way Valve Assembly and many more new parts!
    • Complete list of new parts available, call 206-298-6998 for details.

    • Includes 2 wire KM / DSI coms
    • Includes rear hard shell
    • A working man's hat
    • Breathes Great!

    • Sold, looking to buy yours!

      We BUY your unneeded gear

      Buying Hats and other gear, Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

  •   kirby.morgan.18
    Always Buying!

  • USED AGA Divator FFM with Comms

    • Super Nice Condition.
    • Tested and ready to dive.
    • AGA Rail system on right side allows easy attachment of lights and other accessories ($128 value)
    • Includes a Omni Swivel or Free LP AGA Hose with NPT adaptor.
    • Fast Shipping

      Save when you order an AGA rebuild parts from us!------ AGA Low Volume Visor - $44.95, AGA Major Maintenance Kit - $239.95, AGA Visor Frame - $27.95

      Get a great deal on this cherry Full Face Mask:  Sold, looking to buy yours!

      Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today.

  • We Are Buying AGA's and other FFMs!
    • USED "AGA" Divator Full Face Scuba Masks W/ Comms 2 Diver Package

        This is a fantastic value for a complete 2 diver Full Face Mask with Comm's package. $ave thousands over new!

      • Includes:

      • -(2) Positive Pressure Divator Full Face Masks
        -(2) OTS SSB-1001B Underwater communications transceivers (2 Extra battery packs included)
        -(1) Watertight and foam padded King Pelican carrying case
        -Cakk for a Package price

      • AGA Divator Features:
        -Ear and Mic assemblies with push to talk installed
        -High air flow capacity and low breathing resistance increases the divers performance and endurance
        -Leakage is prevented by a double sealing on the exhalation valve and with a soft and flexible mask sealing
        -With a low dead space volume the air consumption and CO2 build-up is minimized
        -The full face mask can easily be drained from water with a purge button

      • SSB-1001B Features:
        -U.S. Navy Approved these units preform in the harshest diving environments
        -Voice Operated Transmitter (VOX) activates when you speak
        -Push-to-talk control (PTT) gives you the capabiltiy to start and stop conversations
        -Squelch for tuning the audio signal
        -Earphone volumes ensure you can hear your tender and buddy
        -Voice menu so the user can adjust the settings of the SSB-1001B underwater via the voice menu
        -Removable transducer
        -Heavy duty design

        This is a fantastic package of gear for a pair of divers who want to take the next step in underwater comfort and connectivity. Breath normally, have a huge field of vision, and be able to speak to each other! Both masks breath great and the SSB's power on but are otherwise untested.

      • Sold, looking to buy yours! Call 1-206-298-6998 or 1-877-728-2238 today!

    aga.2diver.divator aga.2diver.ssb.comm aga.2diver.ssb1 /> aga.2diver.pelican
    Order Now!

  • New Northern Diver Evolution 7 Hot Water Suits

  • Order Now!

  • USED Kirby Morgan KM-37SS Wanted

    • USED Northern Diver Thor Vulcanized Rubber Drysuits
      • 1600 HD Thor Chemical and biological permeation resistant vulcanized fabric make this sui the most durable on the market.
      • Metal toe and shank boots protect your feet

      • Quick-clean non-permeable material for contaminated or dirty water use
      • Commercial grade BDM big tooth zipper lasts for years!
      • Triple-welded, sealed for life, seams / Reinforced knees and crotch keeps this suit in the water while the others are in the garbage
      • Shoulders, waist, and lower legs feature heavy-duty reinforcement

      • Includes high-flow inlet and exhaust valves and suspenders

        These suits are literally the highest quality commercial grade drysuit around. Tough and reliable, you save money with a suit like this!
      • Northern Diver Thor - safe for the working diver

        Why pay over $2,000 for a new one? Call us and Save big a professionally serviced and tested drysuit ! Multiple sizes in stock - Let us fit you into a L/XL or a XXL- ask about our money back policy if you are not satisfied! They make a great gift - call for help with sizing and economical thermals and other accessories.

        Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-SCUBA-DV or email us at: discountdivers at gmail dot com

        We buy Thor and other vulcanized rubber Call 206-298-6998.

    Northern Diver Vulcanized Rubber Drysuit
    Stock photo.
  • USED Pillow and open Bottom Lift Bags for sale!

      Have various sizes new and used in stock

  • USED Used Kirby Morgan SuperLite 17B Dive Hat/Helmets bought and sold

    • SL 17B Helmets - all conditions
    • Will purchase your spare Yoke / Neck Dam assemblies and parts too
    • Top Dollar Paid!

    Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-ScubaDV for new arrivals.

    Email: DiscountDiversATgmailDOTcom with your questions

  • We Buy and Sell Internationally

    Order Now!
    USED Underwater Hydraulic Chainsaws Wanted!

    Order Now!

    Order Now!

  • New DUI Hot Water Suit Wanted!


  • Order Now!

    • USED Diving Helmets and Hats Wanted

      Looking to buy Dive Hats and Neck Ring / Dam Assemblys for Kirby Morgan dive Hats. Cash or Donation.

      We would love to find a new home for your equipment. We buy commercial and sport dive equipment - bring it by the dive shop or mail it using using these instructions:

      Click here see how to Sell your commercial dive gear - No Hassle, No Fuss

      Questions? Call 206-298-6998 - always buying scuba and commercial dive gear!

      All Ages, All Conditions!

    Order Now!
    • NEW Hookah Hoses
      • Made in USA
      • Various Manufacturers
      • Various lengths
      • Call for best pricing and photos. 1-877-728-2238

    Order Now!
    • USED Used Bare D6 Neoprene Drysuits

      • Transferable lifetime warranties on seams and workmanship
      • Tough neoprene
      • Various sizes ALWAYS A BARGAIN!
      • Call 206-298-6998

    Order Now!

  • USED Kirby Morgan SuperLite 37 Dive Hat

    • Wanted!
    • We buy the extras - parts, bags, tools
    • Cash Paid

      We BUY your unneeded gear

      Buying Hats and other gear, Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-scubadv today 

    Always Buying!

    More Commercial Gear. . .

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