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Save Big on Atlan, DUI, Bare, High Tide, and USIA Drysuits
  • USED DUI CF200 Crushed Neoprene Drysuit
    • Made of crushed neoprene, which is dense and stretchy and offers the ultimate protection from the environment
    • Telescoping Torso and Crotch strap provides a proper fit
    • Telescoping Front-Entry design with brass zipper is easy to get on and off and allows you to zip yourself
    • Plastic zipper cover protects the brass zipper
    • Swivel inflator valve for easy gear configuration
    • Shoulder exhaust valve for easy buoyancy control
    • Adjustable wrist seals and neck seal
    • Neoprene socks comfortably fit a variety of Shoe sizes

    Get legendary DUI quality for a fraction of the cost. $ave hundreds now!

      Call 1-877-SCUBADV or 206-298-6998 to order
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  • USED Atlan Neoprene Drysuit

    • Warm durable neoprene offering great mobility and freedom of movement
    • Si-tech low profile swivel inlet valve and adjustable exhaust valve - the industries best!

    • Vulcanized rubber knee pads provide protection where it counts
    • HD vulcanized rubber boots attached for stability and support
    • Easy on / off rear entry with tough brass zipper and comfortable seals
    • Size ML - Medium Large

      Great value on a nice neoprene drysuit. Get in the water and stay dry for less!

      Why over pay? Yours for only $579.95

Order Now!
  • USED High Tide Neoprene Drysuit
    • Super nice durable drysuit
    • long lasting Neo wrist and neck seals
    • Pee Valve
    • Suspenders
    • High Quality valves

      Call with your height and weight for size check

      Sold!  Looking to buy yours!

    • Call 206-298-6998 to find out more.
    • Money Back Guarantee on all Shell, Trilaminate, and Neoprene drysuits shipped to you.

      We get in new and used Drysuits every day - Call for recent arrivals!
High Tide Drysuit with pee valve
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  • USED Bare Trilaminate Pro Drysuit

    • Excellent condition!
    • Long Lasting High Stretch Neoprene neck and wrist seals
    • Comfortable Neoprene soft boots

    • Quality Si-Tech valves
    • Durable rear entry
    • Kevlar knee pads

    • Fits Medium M to Medium Large ML
    • Bare Drysuits: known for quality, durability, and value - Comes with Bare Lifetime TRANSFERABLE warranties!
    • Call for best price!

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  • USED USIA Aqua Lite Shell Drysuit
    • Never been in the water!
    • Comfortable Latex wrist and neck seals

    • Soft sole boots
    • Cordura thigh and boot protectors

    • Upgraded valves
    • Size - Medium

    • CALL NOW 1-206-298-6998
    • Why pay $1,200 for a new one? Web sale at $799.95 for an unused one!

      "These suits are easy to get in and out of, comfortable, and NOT HEAVY!" John Burns, Owner

      Buy this suit and get $75 off your choice of Medium or Small thermals!

Photo Coming Soon
Photo Coming Soon
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  • USED Atlan Neoprene Drysuits with and without Relief Zippers

    • Most in Excellent Condition
    • Dry Latex wrist and latex or neoprene neck seals
    • Rear Entry

    • Si Tech valves with Swivel inflator
    • Hard boots
    • Convenient Relief zipper on some models
    • Starting at $49995

Order Now!
  • USED DUI CF200 Crushed Neoprene Drysuit
    • These suits Durable with a capital "D"!
    • Comfortable and warm crushed neoprene
    • Diagonal zip front load
    • Black with blue accents - similar to suit shown
    • Comes with used hood,zipper wax, and hose
    • Optional DUI storage bag
    • Ask about DUI and other warm thermals in stock
    • Ready to dive - various sizes/prices in stock

    We also have a few nice U-fix CF200's. $200 + Free repair glue

      Call 1-877-SCUBADV or 206-298-6998 to order
dUI CF299
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USIA BIOFLEX Shell drysuit
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Harvey's Neoprene drysuit
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  • USED DUI CF 200 Crushed Neoprene drysuits

    • These suits Durable with a capitol "D"!
    • Comfortable and warm crushed neoprene
    • Diagonal zip front load

    • Black with blue accents - similar to suit shown
    • Comes with used hood,zipper wax, and hose
    • Optional DUI storage bag

    • Ask about DUI and other warm thermals in stock
    • Ready to dive - various sizes in stock
    • CALL 206-298-6998 for best pricing - Hurry it won't last long!
DUI CF 200
Order Now!
  • USED We are Buying/Buy DUI FLX50 50 Drysuits
    • Do you have a FLX50 50 or other drysuit?
    • Don't want the hassle of trying to sell it on your own?
    • Use the link below to box up your equipment and send to us for cash.

      DUI FLX 50 50 features:

    • TLS 350 Trilaminate material of Nylon / Butyl Rubber / Nylon on top
    • DUI's CF200 neoprene material on lower portion
    • QuickZip™ front load design
    • DUI Telescoping torso, crotch strap and suspenders

    • We test, service, and retest all drysuits before offering them for sale. If there is a "FOR SALE" sign on our drysuits, it is only after they pass our professional approval process.

      We buy and sell DUI FLX50 50 drysuits - We have been buying and selling drysuits and other scuba gear since 1993

      "When you want the job done right the first time, go with a pro." John, Owner

      Click here to Sell, Trade-in, or Donate your DUI FLX 50 50 or TLS Drysuit

      Call 206-298-6998 or 877-SCUBA-DV with questions.
Dui flx50 50 drysuit
Order Now!
  • USED Used DUI Neoprene Drysuit Drysuits:
    CF, Cf200, Cf200x, CF200SE, CNSE, FLX 50 50
    • Buy a gently used DUI Neoprene Drysuit and save BIG!
    • Cf200, cf200x, cf200SE, cnse, flx50/50 neoprene Drysuits
    • DUI's CF crushed neoprene material make these drysuits very popular
    • Swivel inlet (most suits) and adjustable, automatic exhaust valves
    • Durable knee pads
    • Crushed and micro bubble neoprene used for flexibility
    • Comfortable seals
    • DUI Signature series sometimes available
    • Pockets, suspenders, and dry gloves available
    • DUI shoulder entry, rear entry, front entry, Self Entry, and diagonal zip
    • We normally have a selection of sizes and styles - always accepting trade-ins
    • Call 1-877-Scuba-dv or 206-298-6998 for availability and price.
    • Some DUI drysuits as low as $589.95! (subject to availability)
    • Pricing varies but "Always a good deal!"

Used DUI Neoprene Drysuit Drysuits: CF, Cf200, Cf200x, CF200SE, CNSE, FLX 50 50
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  • USED USIA Drysuits Starting at $499

    • Various sizes and configurations
    • Back zip and Self Donning Diagonal Front Entry Design

    • Crotch Strap to reduce suit wear
    • High quality SiTech valves

    • Some with boots, other with neoprene socks
    • YKK Water/Air Tight Zipper.

      These suits are durable and easy repair. Prices start at $499.95

    • Email us at: discountdivers at gmail dot com for more photos and information

USIA BIOFLEX Frontload Drysuit wanted to buy, we buy!
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More Medium Drysuits. . .

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