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  • USED KMB EXO 26 Band Mask -comm ready

    • Super nice mask in top notch shape
    • Comms available
    • High Flow second stage for scuba or hookah
    • Ready to dive
    • Easy adjust head band straps for best seal and comfort
    • We accept gear trades
    • Call 206-298-6998 for the best price!

Order Now!
  • USED Interspiro/AGA Full Face Mask with OTS two wire Comms

    • Top-of-the-line equipment from the world's best manufacture of comm gear
    • Works fine and ready to dive.
    • Easy adjust mask straps for best seal and comfort
    • Ambient valve for surface breathing
    • These are the best quality masks being made today (and the worlds most popular full face mask (FFM)to boot)

    • Includes OTS's best microphone and UW earphones
    • Includes Comfo swivel and hose (a $200 value)
    • We service and sell the full line of OTS products and surface com boxes
    • Moneyback Guarantee
    • Why pay $2,300+ down the road? Save big $ with us.Call 206-298-6998 for price - trade-ins accepted.

      These are very popular units - call today!

OTS Full Face Masks with OTS Coms
Order Now!
  • NEW OTS Diver Recall Hydrophone System- $2,48995

    • Recall your divers and listen to underwater sounds!

      The DRS-100B Diver Recall/Hydrophone system is U.S. Navy Approved and used by Naval Special Warfare units, salvage divers, and recreational dive boats around the world. It is designed to alert all divers within range with either voice, a solid tone, or an intermittent tone. You can also feed sound into the water (e.g., music, pre-recorded announcements) via a line-in connection located on the front panel. The DRS-100B also has a listen mode allowing the user to listen to marine and/or man-made noise. A record-out receptacle allows the user to connect the unit to a recorder.

      The system is portable and comes standard with a transducer with 25' of cable, rechargeable batteries, battery charger, and main electronic unit. This unit was manufactured in 2011 and has been setting on the shelf. Sealed instruction manual and paperwork. The DRS-100B is a must for all diving operations!

      Why Pay $4,500? Discount price $2489.95.  Call today!

Order Now!
  • USED Interspiro/AGA Full Face Mask with STX 101/M Complete Communication package.

    • Super nice breathing FFM unit in great shape
    • Balanced second stage with high air flow from scuba, hookah, or other Surface Supply
    • Includes STX Surface Station w/Microphone and TCA-35 transducer
    • All you need for diver to surface or surface to diver comms - Good looking equipment in super condition
    • These masks are the worlds most popular Full Face Mask. They are well designed and widely preferred. When you combine them with OTS communication equipment, you've got solid professional gear. When you buy from us, you get exceptional value for every dollar spent.

    • Save big - call 877-SCUBA-DV or 206-298-6998
    • We carry, or can get, everything you need to talk diver to diver or divers to surface

    w/OTS transducer/mic
Order Now!
    new DAN O2 Kit with extras, $499

      We accept trade-ins

      "Super clean DAN O2 kit with big oxygen bottle- never used! " Everything you need to be safe - with instructions

Order Now!
OTS AGA Guardian Full Face Masks with comms
Order Now!

More Communication Equipment. . .

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