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Diving Air Supply and Accessories

  • USEd Sherwood Scuba Tank K Valves - Professionally Tested!
    • Yoke Scuba Tank Valves
    • 3000 PSI Service Pressure

    • valves-l1600-(8)

      Buy now for only $29.99 + shipping to continental US (must ship to paypal address of record within Continental US ONLY or call for Credit Card shipment quote within US!) All others email for a shipping quote.

      Call 206-298-6998 for volume discounts
  • USED Mako Purus Scuba Air Compressor - Small and lightweight, $850

    • Rated at 3CFM
    • Needs motor - electric, gas, or run off your boat engine!
    • Optional 8ft fill whip and Mako 6Kpsi pressure gauge, Yoke/bleed
    • With an engine mounting plate and rubber isolators
    • With mounted filter canister

      "I turned the compressor by hand and got suction/pump action - otherwise untested and sold "as is" - Looks like it will make a nice portable compressor" John, Owner

      Optional Whip and fill gauge/yoke $125

      Compressor and engine mounting plate $ 850

Order Now!
    NEW Matthew's Hookah Tank Floatation System

      Go anywhere with these clever floating Hookah rigs!

    • The float attaches to your scuba tank and comes with a Hookah hose and tow belt.

    • The Hookah hoses come in either 25, 50, or 100 foot lengths and attach to your 1st stage low pressure outlet. Your second stage regulator attaches to the other end of the Hookah hose.

    • The durable foam floatation is encased in a commercial grade vinyl-coated woven polyester mesh fabric. The units are sewn with high strength thread and are resistant to UV, abrasion, saltwater, and mildew.

    • Includes durable Heavy duty durable tank strap made of nylon webbing with a handle for easy carrying and Velcro for easy assemble and removal.

    • Added features include a dive flag, Two 1.5 in. "D" rings for attaching accessories, and an air hose strap that keeps the air hose from pulling on the regulator.

    • Great for boat and dock maintenance, in-water adventure including spear fishing and sea food collection, photography, salvage, lift bag operations, rescue, and more.

      Complete Package with 25 ft of hose, New 1st and Second stage regulator, Dive Flag, Tank Strap, and Closed Cell Foam float with durable cover runs $559.95

    • - Save by using your own regulator or buying a used Hookah regulator from us! We sell only what you need.

    • Ask about our Dual Diver packages. USE ONLY WITH PROPER TRAINING

    • Call or email for additional information, to place an order, or for other options/package prices.

      Fast Shipping - 206-298-6998 / DiscountDiversAtGmailDotCom.

      "These are trick units - I am buying two for my boat!" John, Owner

    USED Meco Compressed Gas Breathing Air Regulators
    • Adjustable PSI output, CGI input

      Save $! One at $429 and one at $469

    • Order Today - 1-877-SCUBADV or 206-298-6998

Order Now!
  • USED Rix SA-3 or SA-6 Sweet Air Oil-Free Compressors Wanted
    • We buy all models of RIX Compressors.
    • Buying with electric diesel, or gas motors
    • We will buy your spare parts too!
    • Extra cash for fill whips and filters

      Email the buyer with a list of what you have and your phone number: John at

Order Now!

  • NEW Thomas Industries Hookah Air Compressor
      This is a fine unit with plenty of hose and a great performing regulator.

      The Standard gear Package:

    • Thomas 110 volt continuous duty Single Head Compressor
    • 1 5' US Navy heat hose
    • 1 60' fully swiveled, individual diver hose
    • 2 Washable, stainless-steel particle filters
    • 1 Durable Tow Belt to help keep the regulator in your mouth and airline behind you
    • 1 Multi-pocket Weight Belt for easy adjust
    • 1 Adjustable, hookah-specific, 2nd stage regulator w/fully rotational, 360 Deg swivel
    • 1 Easy read owners manual

      This compressor is made by Thomas Industries for distribution to the dive market only. The system has been tested and meets Compressed Gas Association Grade-E breathable air standards. Will accept a second diver to 25 feet in a working environment. Quiet Valve installed.

      We have a number of Donated safety BCD vests with inflators for as low as $59 - $99 - don't dive without one!

      Call 877-SCUBA-DV or 206-298-6998 for the best price on a one or two diver Hookah set!

Email us at: DiscountDiversATgmailDOTcom

  • USED Bauer/Poseidon air compressor

  • 5 HP Honda Gas powered high pressure air compressor

    Sorry sold! We want to buy yours!

    Questions? email us at: - or ask for our buyer at 206-298-6998

  • Always Buying

We Buy!

Order Now!

  • USED Hookah Systems Wanted!
  • Fill Whip with Pressure Gauge
    Order Now!

    • USED Twin Tank Manifolds
      • Various configurations; including Navy approved solid bar
      • Isolation valves and recessed burst disk assemblies for extra safety

      • 3/4 inch and smaller thread sizes available
      • Prices start at $89

        ASK About our great selection of twin tank bands, Stainless Backplates, Wings, tank slings, and other cool  gear! Call 206-298-6998 and save.

    Navy Solid Bar Manifold Thermo Pro Manifolds
    Order Now!

    • USED Various Used Low Pressure Hoses
      • BCD inflator hoses
      • Drysuit inflator hoses
      • Scubapro Air2 hoses
      • Exo-26 hoses with swivels
      • Computer hoses
      • quick disconnect
      • Air source hoses
      • all lengths

      • Hard to find hoses - Fast Shipping!
      • 1-877-SCUBADV
      • Great addition to your save-a-dive kit
      • Slightly used hoses for 2nd stages, BC's, gauges and drysuits
      • Various Sizes
    Various Used Low Pressure Hoses
    Order Now!

    Be Responsible: Reuse - Recycle - Regift

    We want to buy your scuba gear! ....... Recycle

    Brownie's Third Lung

    Order Now!
    • NEW High Pressure Gauge/Console Hoses
      • High quality 5000 psi service hoses
      • Easy to install with common wrenches
      • Brand new and ready for service
      • Size Various Lengths
      • Call Today - 1-877-SCUBADV
    High Pressure Gauge/Console Hoses
    Order Now!

    More Air Supply Accessories. . .

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