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Diving Air Supply and Accessories

  • NEW AirLine - E160 Thomas Industries Hookah Air Compressor
      This is a fine unit with plenty of hose and a great performing regulator.

      The Standard gear Package:

    • 1 AirLine/Thomas 110 volt continiuos duty Single Head Compressor
    • 1 5' US Navy heat hose
    • 1 60' fully swiveled, individual diver hose
    • 2 Washable, stainless-steel particle filters
    • 1 Durable Tow Belt to help keep the regulator in your mouth and airline behind you
    • 1 Multi-pocket Weight Belt for easy adjust
    • 1 Adjustable, hookah-specific, 2nd stage regulator w/fully rotational, 360 Deg swivel
    • 1 Easy read owners manual

      This compressor is made by Thomas Industries for distribution to the dive market only. The system has been tested and meets Compressed Gas Association Grade-E breathable air standards. Will accept a second diver to 25 feet in a working environment. Quiet Valve installed.

      Can be ordered in our optional cross-link storage case (holds up to a two diver setup); Hard Cases Available

      We have a number of Donated safety BCD vests with inflators for as low as $59 - $99 - don't dive without one!

      Call 877-SCUBA-DV or 206-298-6998 for the best price on a one or two diver Hookah set!

Email us at: DiscountDiversATgmailDOTcom

  • NEW Floating Hookah System - gas powered for Sale
      This is a fine unit with plenty of extra's and a reliable Honda Motor

      Overstock - Priced for a quick sale - we ship quickly

    • Full setup for two divers - quality equipment from a source you can trust!

    • Ask about the extras not shown in the photo

      Overstock - Priced for a quick sale - we ship quickly

    • Call 206-298-6998 or 877-Scuba-DV Now!

Order Now!
  • USED Bauer/Poseidon air compressor

  • 5 HP Honda Gas powered high pressure air compressor

    Sorry sold! We want to buy yours!

    Questions? email us at: - or ask for our buyer at 206-298-6998

We Buy!
  • NEW MAXTEC O2 Analyzer
    • Maxtec offers the convenience and portability you desire.
    • Simple calibration, low maintenance and built to survive the Scuba environment.

    • Includes adapter
    • Maxtec is the ideal analyzer for checking oxygen percentages

    • In the box, never used
    • includes instructions and neoprene protective boot

      Call to inquire about other analyzers in stock

      Why pay $360? DDS price $199.95

    • Order Today - 1-877-SCUBADV or 206-298-6998

Order Now!

  • USED Rix Sweet Air Oil-Free Compressor for sale
    • We have a Rix SA-6 on a pallet that can be shipped directly to you

    • Sold "as is" - needs rebuild
    • Includes necessary parts - easy to work on

    • Includes TWO moisture separators and 240VAC motor with controller
    • Standard 240 volt dryer power plug

    • Comes with SVC manual and spare parts
    • The dimensions are roughly 30"L x 19" x 18"H

    • Not yet priced, inventorying parts - call if interested

      Call John today at (206)298-6998 or 1-877-SCUBADV

    "These are great units but I have lost my patience and don't want to rebuild it myself - give me a call and I will answer your questions and hook you up with staff member to process your order - the unit is only a few years old and has low hours - simular to the stock photo shown but newer." John, Owner

Order Now!
  • USED Hookah Systems Wanted!
  • Fill Whip with Pressure Gauge
    Order Now!

    • USED Twin Tank Manifolds
      • Various configurations; including Navy approved solid bar
      • Isolation valves and recessed burst disk assemblies for extra safety

      • 3/4 inch and smaller thread sizes available
      • Prices start at $55

        ASK About our great selection of twin tank bands, Stainless Backplates, Wings, tank slings, and other cool tech gear! Call 206-298-6998 and save!

    Navy Solid Bar Manifold Thermo Pro Manifolds
    Order Now!

    • USED Various Used Low Pressure Hoses
      • BCD inflator hoses
      • Drysuit inflator hoses
      • Scubapro Air2 hoses
      • Exo-26 hoses with swivels from
      • Various other hoses - Fast Shipping!
      • 1-877-SCUBADV
      • Great addition to your save-a-dive kit
      • Slightly used hoses for 2nd stages, BC's, gauges and drysuits
      • Size Various Sizes
      • Starting at $9.95
    Various Used Low Pressure Hoses
    Order Now!

    Be Responsible: Reuse - Recycle - Regift

    We want to buy your scuba gear! ....... Recycle

    Brownie's Third Lung

    Order Now!
    • NEW High Pressure Gauge/Console Hoses
      • High quality 5000 psi service hoses
      • Easy to install with common wrenches
      • Brand new and ready for service
      • Size Various Lengths
      • Call Today - 1-877-SCUBADV
    High Pressure Gauge/Console Hoses
    Order Now!

    More Air Supply Accessories. . .

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