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Discount Divers Supply Scuba Gear Buying/Reuse Policy

Ship to:
ATTN: Buyer
2520 Westlake Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98109

We Buy Scuba Gear! Currently paying an extra 10% through the end of January!

Looking to Sell your Gear?

If you have scuba, snorkeling, or commercial dive gear that you don't want to ever see again, box it up and send it to us using the shipping information in the yellow box above (Locals can bring gear by the dive shop).

Please include a written inventory, with your name and address, and include the phrase:


We evaluate the equipment

We send you a check.

It is easy

NOTICE: We are currently buying scuba and snorkeling gear with the highest dollar paid for the equipment in highest demand. There are limits to what gear we can sell in today's market so please read the Buy List and comments below.


    Send us your:

  • Drysuits Mens and Ladies, front and back zip, Neoprene and Shell(up to 15 years old)
  • Scuba Regulators - All models - most desirable are less than 10 years of age
  • Computers and Gauges All brands, wrist, console, hose, and hoseless (Less than 15 years old )
  • BCD's - Weight Integrated BCD's (Up 10 years old - in all conditions)

  • BCD's - Non-Weight Integrated BCD's (Up to 15 years old - good, very good, or excellent condition only)
  • Hoods, booties, gloves (less than 20 years old, most desirable are Kids sizes and Mens sizes Medium through Gargantuan.
  • 2,3, and 5mm full length wetsuits, skins, and shorty's (Less than 15 years old - no 2 piece or 1 piece greater than 5mm please)
  • Masks/Snorkels/Fins(less than 15 years old are best)

  • Drysuit thermals(less than 10 years old are best)
  • Knives, scuba tools, Dive accessories, watches, spear guns (any age)
  • Gear Bags

  • Dive lights (Less than 10 years old)and spear guns - any vintage
  • Old European Dive gear
  • Twin Hose Scuba regulators and or Surface Supply equipment - We Buy it all!
  • Tech gear

  • Rebreathers - working or not - any vintage - any make and model
  • Broken, damaged, or equipment requiring servicing that otherwise meets our criteria is OK to ship - We will $end as much as possible.
  • Communications equipment
  • Masks/Snorkels/Fins(less than 10 years old)

  • Dive Helmets/hats/band masks - any vintage
  • Comm and air control boxes
  • Umbilical's, Comm lines, UW chainsaws, Surface supply and Scuba air compressors, Dive harnesses and bailout bottles/regs

  • We buy ROV's, DPV's, UW scooters
  • Stand-up paddleboards, Dive kayaks, Dive inflatables
  • Scuba and Hookah Compressors (call 206-298-6998 and ask John about shipping instructions)
  • Air filtration, blending hardware, storage bottles

  • Collections of dive gear
  • Accessories/extras any vintage
  • UW and above water Metal Detectors (any vintage)
  • Military Surplus gear - any vintage

  • We Buy Antique and collectable dive and commercial dive Gear
  • If you have something unusual; send it in!

    "We look forward to evaluating your equipment and you can expect a check soon."

    Note: If you are unclear of the condition of some of your items, or its age, or if it meets the above criteria, feel free to send it and we will evaluate it and send as much as economically feasible. Please send only what you hope to never see again - we do not offer return service. We recycle unrepairable items.

    "Thank You for allowing us to make a living and helping make snorkeling and diving more affordable."

    John Burns, Owner

    Our employees are the best and they stand ready to help you!

    Since 1993 we have sold thousands of Used Drysuits, Regulators, BCD's and tens of thousands of New and Used everything else needed for commercial and sport diving, snorkeling, gold mining, and having fun in the water.

    If you want the best value for your equipment and would like to see it reused, we make it happen! - Discount Divers Supply, Seattle, WA

    Search and Rescue, Fire, First Responders, and Military click here

    Discount Divers Supply - America's REUSE Scuba and Snorkel Gear headquarters - Serving National and International buyers and sellers since 1993.

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    Don't need the $$ and would like to donate? Ship Donations to:
    ATTN: Buyer
    2520 Westlake Ave. N
    Seattle, WA 98109

    Pls include the phrase:


    Many Thanks for your generous donation. Good Karma.


    The most gratifying thing we do is to get scuba gear out of garages, serviced, and back into the water. This process is referred to as reuse. It is a greener process than recycling (where objects are reduced to raw material and processed into new objects).

    You can sleep well knowing that every dollar spent on reused dive gear goes back into our national economy. I encourage you to support businesses who sell reused products.

      Your support helps our world in a number of ways: *

    • Reuse reduces the strain on valuable resources, such as fuel, forests and water supplies, and therefore helps sustain viable Oceans worldwide.
    • Reuse saves money in purchases and disposal costs
    • Reuse keeps goods and materials out of wasteful landfills
    • Reuse creates less air and water pollution than making a new item or recycling (recycling is reprocessing an item into raw material for use in a new product).
    • Reuse preserves the “embodied energy” that was originally used to manufacture an item
    • Reuse results in less hazardous waste
    • Reuse generates new business and employment opportunities
    • Reuse creates an affordable supply of goods that are often of better quality than what is currently manufactured.

    There are many good reasons for us to reuse products such as scuba equipment.

    If you buy, sell, or donate through Discount Divers Supply, you helped make the world a better place in many ways.

    John Burns Owner

    John Burns

    John Burns - Buying and selling used dive gear since 1987

    Be Responsible:

    Reuse - Recycle - Regift


    * Adapted from Choose to Reuse, by Nikki & David Goldbeck.


    Discount Divers Supply has been in the business of selling used equipment since 1993.

    It has been my privilege to help provide functional serviced and safe used dive equipment to thousands of happy customers over the years.

    During the period of 2010 until the end of 2016 we served some 9,400 individual customers with only 17 negative reviews online.

    That is a satisfaction rate of 9,383/9,400 or 99.82% as of early Jan, 2017.

    We benefit from good feedback and appreciate hearing from you. I don't pressure friends to crank out good on-line reviews or hire a company to produce a favorable online presence. I also don't pay for YELP advertising to ensure preferential business treatment.

    That being said, I appreciate customer feedback from all sources and we look forward to serving you.

    Happy Selling and Happy Buying!

    John Burns


    Discount Divers Supply

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