2,000 Miles of Baja

By John O. Burns

There is a peninsula known as Baja in the Northwest corner Mexico. During two weeks in March and April of 2002, 11 comrades and I rode our off-road motorcycles the length of Baja....twice. Taking only what we could carry on our motorcycles, we traveled through senic areas of desert, rocky canyons, dry lake beds, sandy beaches, and lush oasis's.

Before our trip, I found few on-line resources regarding motorcycling Baja. Hopefully, you will find this site informative should you decide to tour Baja. Enjoy the photos and narrative of our journey.

McRrae's Adventures, The "Seattle Bunch".

The adventure started in Seattle.

Fellow scuba diver, Kris, turned me onto these guys he grew up with who loved to ride motorcycles. Kris and Albert hung around together in the formulative years. Albert's dad is Mike. Mike and Albert have been riding motorcycles for years. Below is a photo of Albert (on left) and his dad (Mike) doing wheelies comming out of a vado* at 60 MPH. If you know what you are doing, it is not dangerous. These guys know their stuff.

Motorcycles are Mikes life. He owns about 50 of them. In his garage he swaps engines, does rebuilds, and keeps his collection running. Tyson is Mike's stepson. Mike, Albert, and Tyson all rode ATK's for the trip.

* A vado is a dip in the road helps channel the runoff from flash floods across the road. Vados are normally concrete on dirt or asphalt roads. The vados on undeveloped roads are merely sand and dirt washouts and need to be tranversed with care.

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